2020 Conference Agenda to be confirmed.

The 2020 conference will unite the brightest minds in cancer research to discuss and debate some of the greatest issues in the field. Our multidisciplinary programme combines expertise from across the breadth of cancer research and career stages, together with insights from allied disciplines, to spark new opportunities for collaborative research. The below 2020 themes are composed of 2-3 presentations and discussions:

Windows of Opportunity for Early Detection

Session Chairs: Sam Janes (University College London) and Pepper Schedin (Oregon Health & Science University)

Leveraging Risk Stratification for Early Detection

Session Chairs: Timothy Rebbeck (Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health Dana Farber Cancer Institute) and Fiona Walter (University of Cambridge)

The Future of Designing and Delivering Early Detection Trials

Session Chairs: Peter Sasieni (King’s College London) and Christine Berg (National Cancer Institute)

Making the most of Big Data – Early Detection and Artificial Intelligence

Session Chairs: David Wedge (University of Oxford, Big Data Institute) and Sharon Hori (The Canary Center at Stanford)