For Outstanding Contribution to Cancer Early Detection

About the Award
The Don Listwin Award for Outstanding Contribution to Cancer Early Detection recognizes a sustained contribution to, or singular achievement in, the cancer early detection field. The award is named in honor of Don Listwin, founder and chairman of Canary Foundation.

The Canary Center at Stanford, Cancer Research UK, and the Knight Cancer Institute at OHSU are pleased to recognize Mr. Don Listwin as the inaugural recipient of the 2019 Don Listwin Award for Outstanding Contribution to early cancer detection.

In the early 2000’s Don’s mother was misdiagnosed with a bladder infection which turned out to be ovarian cancer. Following her death, Listwin became personally involved in cancer early detection. He has worked tirelessly to provide resources for research and to raise awareness of the field. He has contributed to fuel research at numerous research institutions through the Canary Foundation and ignited interest in cancer early detection. He formed teams of researchers from various disciplines to tackle the most difficult problems in cancer research – detecting cancer at an early and more treatable stage. In 2009 he partnered with Stanford to establish the Canary Center at Stanford – the first center in the world dedicated to cancer early detection. Listwin has been a persistent advocate for the field and has helped propel research forward. Please join us in congratulating Don on this achievement and adding his name to this new award to honor members of the cancer early detection community.