Oregon Health and Science University, Co-Chair, Session 1

Dr. Mills is Director of Precision Oncology and SMMART trials at the Knight Cancer Institute at the Oregon Health Sciences University. He earned his MD and PhD in biochemistry and completed his training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Alberta. He is recognized as one of the most highly quoted scientists in the world with over 1000 publications and holds more than 20 patents. At the Knight Cancer Institute, he is responsible for the implementation of an integrated program of tumor analysis, decision-making and implementation of novel precision oncology trials. Dr. Mills’ research ranges across: 1) translating the cancer genome through mechanistic studies determining the role of genomic and other aberrations present in patient tumors, 2) identification and validation of therapeutic targets emphasizing mechanisms of resistance and rational combination therapy to overcome emerging resistance in evolving cancers, 4) developing, validating, and implementing molecular markers; and 5) integrating data through a cancer systems biology approach into robust predictive mathematical models.