Scientific leads


Richard Gilbertson                                              Sara Courtneidge
Director                                                                  Associate Director for Translational Sciences
CRUK Cambridge Centre                                     OHSU Knight Cancer Institute


Topic leads

Liquid biopsies and ctDNA                                                                          


Paul Spellman                                                          James Brenton
Professor                                                                   Senior Group Leader
Knight Cancer Institute                                           CRUK Cambridge Institute


Innovating imaging


Charles Springer                                                      Sarah Bohndiek                                                        Kevin Brindle
Senior Scientist for OHSU                                       Group Leader                                                             Professor
Advanced Imaging Research Center                     CRUK Cambridge Institute                                       CRUK Cambridge Institute


Tumour cell environment (intrinsic and non-intrinsic)

Lisa Coussens                                                        Rebecca Fitzgerald
Associate Director of Basic Research                 Professor
Knight Cancer Institute                                         MRC Cancer Unit, University of Cambridge




Sadik Esener                                                         Billy Boyle
Director of the Center for                                    CEO
Early Detection Research                                    Owlstone Medical Ltd