Scientific Chairs


Bree Mitchell                                            Sharon Pitteri                                       Ashok Venkitaraman
Executive Director of CEDAR                  Associate Professor,                             Professor, MRC Cancer Unit,
OHSU Knight Cancer Institute                Canary Center at Stanford                  University of Cambridge

Scientific Topic Leads

Integrative Early Detection trough multiple technologies

Session Leads:

Tony Ng, King’s College London

Gordon Mills, OHSU

Prognostic Early Detection

Session Leads:

Tanya Stoyanova, Canary Center at Stanford

Denise Aberle, UCLA

Signals from beyond the tumor

Session Leads:

Amanda Lund, OHSU


Integrative Susceptibility for Early Detection

Session Leads:

Jim Ford, Stanford University

Antonis Antoniou, University of Cambridge

Fostering a translational mentality in Early Detection Research

Session Leads:

Ruth Etzioni, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center