Scientific Chairs


Jack Cuzick                                                        Sanjiv Sam Gambhir                                     Paul Spellman
Director of Wolfson Institute                          Director of the Canary Center                     Professor, Co-Director of CEDAR,
Head of Center for Cancer Prevention         at Stanford                                                      OHSU Knight Cancer Institute
at Queen Mary University


Scientific Topic Leads

The Signatures of Early and Pre-Cancer; Predictive Early Detection


Christina Curtis                                                     Joe Gray
Assistant Professor                                               Professor/Associate Director
Stanford                                                                  OHSU Knight Cancer Institute


Population Risk Stratification for Early Detection; Discovery to Implementation


Gareth Evans                                                             Jackie Shannon         
Professor                                                                    Associate Professor
University of Manchester                                        OHSU Knight Cancer Institute


Enabling Early Detection Through Early Disease Models                                                                          


Owen Sansom                                                        Pepper Schedin (TBD)
Professor and Director                                          Professor
CRUK Beatson Institute                                         OHSU Knight Cancer Institute


Data Science for Early Detection


Brendan Delaney                                                Parag Mallick
Professor                                                               Associate Professor
Imperial College London                                    Stanford


Novel Technology Accelerating Early Detection


Utkan Demirci                                                     Mike Heller
Professor                                                              Senior Staff Scientist
Stanford                                                                OHSU Knight Cancer Institute